Over the holiday weekend, several siblings were gathered and we tended to some family business that wasn’t fun to do, but needed to be done.  One of those items was making preparations for a pre-paid funeral for my sister.

Some financial conditions were such that we needed to do this now, even though we hope my sister won’t need to utilize it for many more years.  Still, she was sad at the prospect of visiting the funeral home and picking out a casket, etc.  But my other sister explained to her: “this isn’t about dying, it’s about money.”  That was something she could relate to!
Is there something that you have been avoiding that could be framed in another light?  Could you turn something uncomfortable into a task that is more palatable and productive? Is there a way to see the upside of a project that you have procrastinated on?

Most things have a positive side if you look at it from a certain perspective.  The next time you’re faced with something that you’d rather not tackle, see if you can find the silver lining in that casket.

— beth triplett

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