There was an interesting article in Time advocating for the legalization of sports gambling.  The author’s premise is that this socially acceptable activity could provide much-needed revenue for municipalities, as it is happening in great volume illegally.  

One of the prime times for sports betting is during March Madness and the men’s basketball Final Four.  Gregory writes that almost $2.5 billion will exchange hands during the three weeks of the tournament…all without taxation.  He estimates that $140 billion/year is spent on sports gambling just in the United States.

My $5 is part of the money that was exchanged, or should I say “contributed” to another*.  It has been theorized that betting on games increases fan interest, and I can attest that it does. Why should it technically be illegal to participate in the sport in this way?  

Is there an activity that occurs in your field that is happening out of the limelight that could be embraced instead of ignored?  Maybe it is not illegal gambling, but do clients experience your service in a way that you could leverage?

The Final Four frenzy is due in large measure to what happens off the court instead of on it.  Trying to replicate that interest in your organization and engaging others in your work seems to be a slam dunk.

— beth triplett

Source:  A Bet Worth Making by Sean Gregory, Time, March 23, 215, p. 40-43

*Note:  I picked Arizona to win it all, and I feel as if I should have received some bonus compensation just for NOT picking Kentucky!

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