I am not really a sports junkie, but one of my favorite movies is Moneyball.  Based upon the Michael Lewis book, it recounts the journey of the Oakland A’s in their quest to think differently and use a new lens for recruiting major league baseball players.  

The A’s did not willingly embark on an innovative path until they were faced with this reality:  in October, 2001, the New York Yankees had a payroll of $114,457,768.  The Oakland A’s had a payroll of $39,722,689.

General Manager Billy Beane knew his team could not effectively compete in the same way utilizing only one-third of the salary vs. his competitors.  So he had to revolutionize how he approached the process, the staffing and almost every aspect of the game that was in his control.

With the world changing as fast as it is, other leaders would do well to emulate Billy Beane.  What worked yesterday will no longer work tomorrow.  We need to be open to considering (or inventing) new models to accommodate our reality.  

Just tinkering is as out of date as TinkerToys.

— beth triplett

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