My perfume of choice is Clinque’s Happy Heart.  As I spray it on in the morning, I know I’ll “be happy” for at least one point in the day.

We focus a lot on the positive spectrum of emotions, but sometimes I think it is healthy to be sad when the situation warrants.  We don’t need to wear the equivalent of “Sad Heart” every day, but brushing sorrow aside isn’t always the best either. 

It reminds me of the fermata, a musical symbol that tells the composer to hold the pause for as long as he or she would like.  “A fermata can occur at the end of a piece or movement, or it can occur in the middle of a piece, and be followed by either a brief rest or more notes.”*

Take care to add a fermata into your life when you need a hold in your daily routine.

If someone close to you has left your organization or if one of your favorite colleagues is taking a new job, it may be a Fermata Day.  Pause and reflect on all the memories you will cherish.  Pause and let your heart heal.  Pause and have gratitude for what remains.

Life’s music isn’t filled with just high notes.  Acknowledge the pauses that allow us to transition to the next movement and reclaim the joy.

— beth triplett

*Quote from Wikipedia “Fermata”
Original source of the fermata idea from Seth Godin’s blog entry “The fermata” 11/20/12

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