I wear transition lenses that change from clear to dark depending on the light.  I still don’t understand why, but I can’t tell at all that the lenses are changing.  I walk in from the daylight only to be startled by my reflection and seeing that I am essentially wearing sunglasses when I did not even notice them turning darker.  Nor do I notice them fading back to clear; they truly are seamless in their transition.

I think about this as a metaphor for other changes that occur.  Those who are experiencing the change may not even notice that differences are occurring.  You are gaining weight.  The sick person is becoming weaker.  Your automatic savings is growing.  The paint on your walls is fading.  The car is deteriorating.  The tree has grown taller than your house.

These changes are all noticeable to those who only see them occasionally. They may, in fact, be startling to others who haven’t see the differences evolve.

Is your change happening all at once — like putting on sunglasses — or is it more akin to transition lenses where the change process is less pronounced?  Each type requires a different method of preparing for it, recording it and managing the process.  Think about what type of sunglasses will make your future look brightest.

— beth triplett

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