I think that an employee’s confidence at work is somewhat like a balloon.

It is the supervisor’s job to continually help inflate the balloon or it will wither.  Adding compliments, coaching moments, or even just noticing the employee/their work is like adding air into the balloon.

If the supervisor makes a negative comment about the employee/their work, it acts like a pin prick into the balloon.  It only takes a tiny pin hole of doubt for the employee to second guess and have their confidence start to leak way.

If an employee gets too much air (ie: cocky) the balloon will burst, but more latex withers out than pops.  The same is true in the work world.

Pay attention to how you are helping inflate your employee’s confidence instead of deflating it.  It takes a lot of air continuously put in to compensate for even a pin hole of letting it out.

— beth triplett

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