When we are around something every day, we don’t notice the small changes.  But those who step in and see something after a gap of time tend to see the change more easily.

An example of this happened recently with my friend’s puppy.  I met her on January 31 when she was about this size:

I received a new photo about a month later.  I was immediately struck by the difference but my friend hadn’t really noticed how much she had grown until I pointed it out.

What can you do to become more aware of changes in your world?  Can you record benchmarks so you can review progress over time?  How do you build reflection into your routine to allow you to view changes in perspective?  

I think it is especially important to document the start of any new project (i.e.: raising a puppy, a home remodel, a new job, a weight loss plan) so you can later see the changes that will occur invisibly to you over time.

— beth triplett


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