I recently finished watching the PBS series about the Roosevelts (Teddy, Eleanor and Franklin).  As with all Ken Burns’ productions, it was a slice of history told in an entertaining and compelling way.  These three individuals truly shaped America as we know it today.

Franklin became president when the country was in the throws of depression.  He enacted many pieces of major legislation designed to implement programs to help employ people and regenerate the economy.  From the beginning, he said that his focus was action and that we needed to try things — if they didn’t work, we would try something else, but we needed to have action.

Several of the programs FDR initiated paid lasting dividends for the country.  Others were failures.  But his series of programs and attempts at action were enough to give many in the country hope, even if the outcomes did not work as planned.  

Keep FDR’s mantra in mind when you are facing a tough situation. You may want to study the problem and search for the perfect solution, but more often than not, just the effort of trying something will make it better.  What you learn from the doing is far greater than you learn from the pondering.

— beth triplett

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