Last week, I wrote about the Whirley Pop popcorn maker.  I am still enamored with it and enjoying the kernels of joy it brings to my household.

I originally purchased the organic, gourmet popcorn that was recommended to me by the friends who sold me on the popper.  Usually the words “organic and gourmet” elevate the price of the product, and this was no exception.  So when I went to the store, I was faced with the decision as to what to buy for bag #2: continue with the premium brand that I knew was wonderful, or experiment with a cheaper brand.  This product would undoubtedly be a repeat purchase, so saving a few bucks on each bag could add up in the end.

I played it safe and bought another bag of the tried and true, but also bought the cheaper kind to try it.  If anyone would like an almost-full bag of the regular stuff, I have it free for the taking!

But I am glad that I purchased it.  Taking little risks with virtually no consequence gives me (everyone) the confidence to take larger risks and to creatively experiment. If you are in an unquestioned rut with popcorn purchasing, it is more likely that you will also make bigger decisions without thought.

Pay attention to what you do by rote and force yourself to mix it up a bit. Strengthen that risk muscle one little decision at a time.

— beth triplett

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