I complimented a friend on a new lipstick color and she said: “My sister picked it out for me.  It is different than I usually wear, but she said to go for it.”  It looked great!

It reminded me of the things my sister has picked out for me that are different than my normal fare, but always draw compliments.  I have a brown skirt that flows instead of being straight.  A turquoise/yellow/grey chunky necklace that I walked right past without ever considering, but goes perfectly with a dress she recommended to me.  I have been places, bought things and done things at the urging of a sister that were way beyond my normal comfort zone.

I think sisters (and I assume brothers) make us bolder.

As I thought about why, I believe it is because they speak the truth in a way you can actually hear.  You trust them to have your best interest at heart, and so, at least for me, I am willing to take more chances if they suggest them.

How can you establish a more of a sibling level of trust with colleagues?  Are there ways you can speak the truth to those with whom you work so as to make them better and bolder?  Can you give professional development advice in a way that pushes another beyond their comfort zone, but positions them for success they wouldn’t have imagined without you?

Be open to receiving feedback and be generous in giving it.  Both ways can make you dazzle in ways you wouldn’t have come to on your own.

— beth triplett

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