I wonder what all the implications are of Apple’s switch from the 30pin connector to the lightening connector.  

I know personally I now have to carry two cords since my iPad is older.  I had to purchase new cords to keep in the car and the office.  My phone no longer connects to some of the in-room docking stations in hotels.  The charging stations at airports had to be modified.  My Bose speaker required an external connector.  I am sure the list goes on and on.

Whenever I get a new phone, invariably it requires some new accessory purchase as well.  We were talking about the iPhone 6 the other day, and I commented that I will hold out as long as I can because it is too big for the Coach wristlet that I have and that would be one more expense to convert.

The interchangeability and integration of devices was one of my favorite features of Apple. As I pack two cords to travel this week, I wonder if some of the simplicity that was lost in the upgrade was worth it.  If I am impacted by the conversion, I wonder how many changes had to be be made in Cupertino and what it cost Apple directly.

Consider the consequences and other layers of the onion before you make top level changes.  What sounds good on one level may not be worth it when the total cost is calculated.

— beth triplett

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