I recently received an email from a vendor thanking me for my business.  The email read:  Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  

The email went on to list some of the reasons they are grateful for clients like me:
> You refer us to colleagues
> You “take us with you” when you change jobs
> You send us great ideas for improvements
> You give us a kick in the pants when we need it
> You always pay in full and on time

I know it was a form email, but it was still nice to receive.  It listed things that upon reflection I believe would make a firm grateful, but are things I take for granted.  It makes me want to do more of them though!

During this season of give, give, give, perhaps the best thing that we can give each other is a brief message of gratitude for the things we appreciate but never acknowledge.  

— beth triplett

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