At a recent senior staff meeting, our topic was “what we would be talking about if I wasn’t here and you had a new vice president.”  I have been blessed with a relatively stable staff and have been in my current job for 7+ years now.  We have made leaps and bounds of progress on creating the fundamentals, and I want to make sure that we don’t get too comfortable with each other or our routines.

For several years, our focus has been on data collection, efficiencies and creating infrastructure.  Important work, to be sure, but it does require a mindset change to move more into innovation and unchartered territories.  The risk factor increases and the stakes are higher.  Different questions need to be asked and new projects must emerge.

I believe that you need to be intentional in acknowledging movement from one stage of organizational development to another.  It would be easy to get stagnant if you thought the year was bringing more of the same.  In order to capitalize on the accumulated knowledge of seasoned people and to leverage it for the greater good, I think you need to claim the newness and approach work from a more creative perspective.  

The goal is no longer to get better.  The new goal needs to be to get different.

— beth triplett


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