It seems that there is a disproportionate amount of attention paid to the front side of things.  That view is lovely, and is certainly much easier to see, but you don’t get a complete picture unless you find a way to have a 360 degree look.

This certainly applies in the fashion realm.  I was in the restroom where a woman was checking her party dress in the mirror.  From the front, it was gorgeous.  But the back was a pronounced open V, and she was wearing a regular bra that ruined the whole effect.  I trust that she had no idea how badly it looked.  Nor did the woman ahead of me in line realize she forgot to take the temporary stitching out of the kickpleat on her skirt, and someone else was oblivious to the fact that they had a gap between their skirt and suit jacket.

I have a friend who makes it a practice to take photos of the back side of famous landmarks.  Her theory is that everyone has a picture of the Mona Lisa or Lincoln Monument from the front, but you can really prove you were there with a photo from behind.  

I think about the “back side” of things from an organizational perspective.  Do you have a way to solicit honest feedback about your back room operations as well as your front-of-the-house customer service?  Do you have a metaphorical mirror that allows you to look at the view from behind — and do you take the time to check it?  

Even if you are all put together from the front, people may have a different view of you (or your organization) if their view is one of inattention from the rear.

— beth triplett

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