No time during the week goes faster for me than Sunday morning.  It seems that on Sunday, it is always noon.

If I wake early, then I feel like I have time to go out to breakfast, which often leads to errands, and before I know it it is noon.

If my dogs let me sleep, then I leisurely read the paper and putz around the house, and before I know it, it is noon.

If I have obligations in the afternoon, they are upon me before the day really gets started because I feel like those morning hours somehow evaporate.

Do you have an equivalent to Sunday morning?  If a block of hours seem to fly by, could you do something less desirable during that period and get it out of the way?  Could you utilize the time in a different way and become more intentional about its use?  Or do you allow it to be your recreational respite and do more productive things at other hours?

Like with money, becoming conscious of how you are using you time is the first step in becoming intentional about how you spend it.  

— beth triplett

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