Last week I watched the movie Draft Day with Kevin Costner.  I did not pick the movie, and must admit I was not too excited about seeing it, but am very glad that I did.

Draft Day is about the NFL Draft; more specifically about Costner’s character as the GM of the Cleveland Browns and his picks for the draft.  The movie showcases the dilemma facing Sonny Weaver (Costner) — does he pick a superstar who has some character questions or a less-talented player who is full of heart?  

The movie does a good job of portraying many of the pressures the GM faces in making his choice.  The owner, fans, other players and coaches all weigh in with passionately held opinions.  There are pros and cons on both sides, exacerbated by the fact that the superstar’s statistics are factual while the other guy’s traits are intangibles based on gut feelings.  There is no easy answer.

Think about how you assemble your team.  Whether through hiring, volunteer recruitment, inheriting of a work group or through some other fashion, as a leader you may be faced with the choice of deciding between heart or talent.  

For Weaver, he went for fit “no matter what”, a choice with which I heartily agree.  It may not be easy to sidestep pedigree and sparkle, but character and passion are almost always better indicators of a champion.  It’s something to keep in mind on your next “draft day.”

— beth triplett

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