Sometimes I am discouraged by all the things I have to do that are never really finished.

  • As soon as I write this blog, tomorrow’s deadline will loom large.
  • Immediately after teaching a class, the next lesson beckons.
  • Before the clean floor dries, the dogs will want to go out and leave their mark on the tiles.
  • Once I finish dishes, I’ll dirty a cup for hot cocoa to enjoy while I read.
  • You file the expense report and go about business, thus generating more expenses to record.

There is so much of our daily work – at home and in our organizations – that is repetitious and part of a continual cycle. Just as in the summer we plan on cutting the grass each weekend and in winter it seems we need to shovel snow every day, so must we allocate in our mental constructs as well as our literal calendar the time to do that which must be done over and over.

As the adage goes, “You have to milk the cows every day.” While that is true, don’t get so consumed by the milking that you fail to enjoy the splendor of the farm that surrounds them.

Originally published in modified form on January 29, 2019

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