Awareness of microaggressions has been part of equity training for several years but I’ve seen a new twist on the concept of “micro” in other contexts.

One involves “microvalidations” to affirm colleagues, by acknowledging their presence, sharing appreciation for contributions, and giving people your full attention. Harvard Business Review notes that microvalidations are especially important for historically marginalized populations, but they offer support and respect for everyone.

Another take on the micro concept involves becoming aware of microjoys. Author Amy Maclin sees these as tiny, accessible moments that we often overlook but which can add a spark to ordinary days. Maclin believes they are always there, but they require practice to pay attention to them and take a moment to acknowledge that they made you smile.

The idea of micro resonates with many people because it doesn’t sound like one more thing to add to the to-do list. You can easily nod to someone as you pass or relish a moment with your wagging dog vs. just walking by but both actions add positive vibes to your day.

See what tiny opportunities present themselves to you. The more you pay attention, the more they seem to appear.

Another round of blossoms on my Fuschia plant — they look like tiny ballerinas and provide me with a microjoy

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