I received a renewal form for the WordPress software that I use to publish these dots. In addition to all the rates and benefits, it included a targeted message saying: “We’ve enjoyed being your website partner for the last 7 years. Here’s to the next 7!” — and below that was a link to save 20% if I paid for two years upfront.

I was excited about the discount — a meaningful amount of money — but when I clicked on it, I was dismayed to learn that the discount is for NEW accounts only. Why oh why would you include such a thing on an anniversary RENEWAL email?

Sometimes, we lose sight of the message when we get caught up in using data to give the appearance of a personalized email. Yes, it has been seven years, but any goodwill generated by their remembering was lost in frustration when I tried to use the discount.

Common sense is more important than knowing how long someone has used your product.


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