I recently facilitated a retreat for the student accounts staff at a university. As a pre-exercise, I asked them to come prepared to secretly put three things that represent themselves into a brown paper bag for our teambuilding exercise.

Rather than waiting until the session when I handed out the paper bags, they brought their items already in money bags! It was 100% on-brand for a student accounts department and as soon as I saw them I knew we were going to have a good session.

It was a simple thing and something that cost them nothing, but it was authentic to the work they do. Is there a way for you to easily communicate your brand in such a simple way? I think of my dentist whose business card is a mini dental floss dispenser, or Hallmark that hands out gold crown seals for envelopes, or the Red Cross which only wraps arms with red tape after donations.

Every little thing works together to add to — or detract from — the image you are trying to convey. Don’t discount the impact of the small stuff.

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