I’ve been there — at the airport check-in counter learning my luggage is overweight, then frantically trying to pull things out while in full view of everyone’s glaring eyes for holding up the line. Ugh!

A hotel in Spain has solved this problem by having a scale in the lobby to check your suitcase weight before you go. For the meager price of €1, you can weigh first and return to your room to rearrange in privacy or at least shuffle things before you get in line.

Luggage scales are outside the amenities necessary for a good night’s stay, but they make the traveling experience better for those who visit. The hotel sees its role as broadly serving its guests, and by having the scale they have eliminated a frequent hassle for travelers. I wish all hotels had them.

Is there something that you know is a troublesome spot for your clients — even if it’s outside your direct responsibility? The overall customer experience is within your purview. Take a weight off the shoulders of others by addressing it.

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