Leadership dots is going to have a bit of an international flair for the next several dots — thanks to the inspiration of my sister Meg who thought of me during her travels and collected dot ideas complete with photos! ❤️

You may have heard the saying “solid as the Rock of Gibraltar” or seen the giant rock as the symbol for Prudential Insurance. The Rock stands out on the Southwest tip of Europe and towers over the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. It has been a landmark for decades.

But while people may want you to “count on the rock” or lead you to believe it is solid, in fact, it is not. Inside the rock is a huge cave and tunnel system that the British built for defense. It is anything but solid inside.

Maybe you can be like the Rock of Gibraltar — projecting strength and confidence on the outside even though you are not feeling solid at all. Or perhaps you need to acknowledge that your external image is a facade — you appear to be solid when really that’s not the case and your organization needs some internal truth-telling. Either way, the Rock is a good metaphor to remember that things on the inside aren’t always as they seem on the outside.

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