It is 2023. Why must we still dig into coolers to find which beverages are in them?

Ironically, it was at a Human-Centered Design program that I was tasked with procuring beverages for people. Thank goodness that I was the one who loaded the cooler, otherwise, there would have been no way to tell what it contained. As it was, I was unsure what quantity was in its depths. It also was challenging to keep the cooler refilled as all the new bottles naturally lay on top of the ice instead of easily being buried within it.

Coolers are a common item for picnics, sporting events, boating, camping, etc. I am surprised that no one (that I know) has made them easy to use, and instead, we accept that “digging” through the ice is just how it’s done. They made a significant improvement when wheels were added, but the overall cooler design is still flawed.

What’s the equivalent of your “cooler” — something that is commonplace but due for a revamp? Maybe our next design event can include reimagining how to improve the functionality for users!

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