There are over 3 million podcasts offering a total of 48 million episodes to a half-billion listeners. And one of those episodes features — me! I was invited by a former colleague to be a guest on his show and reluctantly accepted. I’m usually not a fan of thinking on my feet and being interviewed without preparation, but it was actually just a conversation about my leadership journey and lessons I have learned along the way. Who doesn’t like to talk about that?

The podcast came at a fortuitous time as I have recently been reflecting on my path (see dot #3908). As I said in the episode, we don’t make enough time to reflect and thus often miss out on the insights we can gain from looking at the themes of our lives. I’ve learned that I am hesitant about saying yes, but often when I do, I actually enjoy the experience and reap good things from it (just like with doing a podcast!)

The opportunity also reawakened my consciousness that people have different ways of learning and consuming information. I’m not a big podcast listener and much prefer the written word, but having varied or multiple means of communicating your message is a good thing. Don’t look for me to start a podcast anytime soon, but I do mix up the ways I share lessons in my classes and workshops and will be more cognizant of doing so.

I invite you to listen to the episode and see if it inspires you to reflect on the lessons from your journey. Whether you use a podcast or blog to share your insights with others, just thinking about your path is a valuable use of your time to help you craft your future.

Be Significant podcast with Beth Cook and Matt Rogers, May 22, 2023: Dr. beth triplett: All roads lead to Indianapolis

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