“We’re entitled to and capable of much more joy than we have settled for.”

I’ve had this quote by Laurie Santos rattling around in my brain since I heard it. Where Santos’ quote is the kicker: “…and capable of” — pointing out that we need to work at it and that joy won’t just come calling.

It reminds me of the opening line in Jim Collins’ masterpiece Good to Great: “Good is the enemy of great.” We settle for “good” with so many things in life, joy included, because it’s less effort than seeking out greatness. We become complacent — about where we live, our friends, our job, our health, and our happiness — going through life without questioning our circumstances unless they become truly awful.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Think about what truly makes you happy. What brings you joy? And how much do you work to infuse this into your life? Don’t settle for less bliss than you deserve.

watermelon — one of the things that brings me great joy!

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