I could write a week’s worth of dots based on the movie Air (see dot #3935, #3936) but will restrain myself and include only one more so you can enjoy the nuggets on your own when you see the movie! But for today…

In a heated debate, Sonny Vaccaro is passionately trying to convince his boss, Rob Strausser, to allocate all the basketball marketing funds to one stronger player instead of to three mediocre players. Vaccaro was making headway when Strausser left him with this thought: “Someone sold the Emperor on bombing Pearl Harbor. You can be convincing, but wrong.”

I think it’s a disclaimer that should appear on most social media posts. You can be convincing, but wrong.

When you are evaluating a claim, hearing from a passionate supporter, or processing all the inputs you receive in a day, remember these wise words. Conviction doesn’t equal correctness.

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