I interviewed a coaching client to enable me to craft a new resume for her. We went beyond the obvious list of positions to go deeper into her motivations, moments of pride, and how she went about her work. After our conversation, I provided her with a list of themes I heard and outlined what I saw as her strengths.

She was amazed at what I articulated — characteristics that were true, but she had not considered highlighting. From her perspective, they were embedded in her DNA so she never thought to call them out as qualities she possessed that others may not.

It happens all the time where you take something for granted that others see as a uniqueness. You get so close to something — yourself, your organization, your surroundings — that what is there becomes invisible. It takes someone else to put your reality in context against others and point out what is different.

The next time you’re working on something important, build in time to have another set of eyes look at it. Having a coach, a consultant, or even an opinion from a trusted confidante can illuminate what you can’t see and bring the obvious from the background to the forefront.


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