The annual indoor garage sale at the fairgrounds draws hundreds of people — at one point I was literally surrounded and couldn’t move in either direction. It’s a fun event where people are usually wheeling and dealing for such minor amounts.

A lady was selling a pin for $2 and wouldn’t take less. Another vendor had a $5 item and wouldn’t budge on the $3 price. But another lady offered her $5 items for $2 — or $1 each if I bought multiples and I think she would have gone even lower than that.

It all comes down to what you value — and not just in the monetary sense. Certainly, I could have afforded the $2 but I thought it was too much. She obviously thought $1 was too little, but beyond that, she was willing to risk not selling her items — valuing money over a reduction in inventory. Other vendors were just anxious to get rid of things — happily taking less in return for the freedom of not hauling or storing the goods.

Before you jump into any project, know what’s most important in the end. Having a defined goal in mind will drive all your behaviors along the way.

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