For halftime entertainment during a college basketball game, a group of sixth-graders showcased their own version of run-and-gun basketball. They didn’t keep score or set up any fancy plays, but instead had a fast-paced few minutes of shooting.

There were only two players on the combined bench and when someone went out of the game it was only to take off their uniform — turn it inside out — and put it back on, now in the color of the other team! Seconds later, they would be back on the court, running as hard as ever, trying to score for the team they had just opposed.

Organizations would be better off if employees treated their work like these players did and assumed whatever role was needed. Instead of being siloed or territorial and only focusing on their own interests, employees could see themselves as members of the whole and swap responsibilities just as easily as the players changed jerseys.

Think about the metaphorical uniform that you wear. Does it only have one side that you claim as your identity, or do you freely turn yours inside out and play different positions? Those with flexibility are much more valuable on the court and in an organization.

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