There are many situations in life where we are testing something out only to decide it’s not for us. What annoys me is when that decision is based solely on a variable that was present from the beginning.

For example, someone declines a job offer because the location is “too far” even though the city obviously hasn’t moved. A person decides not to buy a garment only because it has a pointed collar which, of course, has been there since they picked it off the rack. A family doesn’t pursue the purchase of a house just because of the neighborhood or school district — the same ones that were in play when they first looked at the real estate listing.

It’s one thing to veto your choice because of the undesirable characteristic, but it’s the doing so after investing time in the process that irks me. Have that conversation with your partner before wasting everyone’s time by interviewing. Be selective in what you take into the dressing room so as not to make others wait while you try on clothes you will reject outright because of their pre-existing features. Do a bit of research before involving real estate agents and sellers if you aren’t a serious buyer at that location.

Use any criteria or values you please to make your decision — but do so initially instead of at the end of the process when there is a greater impact on others.

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