If you want to watch an inspirational movie, track down King Richard, the story of Venus and Serena Williams’ father. Will Smith is terrific in the role as he plays out the backstory of the Williams sister’s rise to tennis fame. The movie plays out like a fairy tale — with a dad who wrote a 72-page plan when his daughters were born about how he was going to make them tennis stars — and wouldn’t you know, it actually happened.

Mostly, it’s a story about the long game — and putting in the grit that it takes to succeed. One of the most memorable scenes is when Venus — who grew up in such poverty that some of the sisters had to share single beds — turns down a million-dollar sponsorship contract as a teen because she saw better things ahead.

Richard Williams convinces an elite coach to take the unknown sisters on in exchange for 15% of their earnings. The coach played the long game too and came out handsomely as Venus has amassed $41.8 million in winnings and Serena $94 million. You do the math!

So many of our decisions focus on the impact they will have in the short run. If you want to reinforce the power of perspective and patience, this is the movie for you.

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