Author Scott Berkun writes that there are three kinds of people who are rare in this world:
1. Those who are excellent communicators
2. Those who find interesting and useful ideas
3. Those who can convert an idea into an interesting plan.
“It’s exceptionally rare for one person to be good at all three,” he writes. “If you think it’s you, you’re probably wrong.”

Berkun is referencing the context of making a pitch about a proposal but his principle applies in other situations. Most high-level tasks require a combination of skills that are typically not found in the same person. The truly talented among us have a support team that provides the background information, details, and context to allow for a successful presentation/article/meeting/speech.

The next time you are involved in a project where the stakes are high, ask yourself what skills are required for success — and receive an honest assessment of where your gaps are. Even the pros have speechwriters, research teams, graphic artists, and coaches. You want the mic to drop because of success, not hubris.

Source: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun, 2010

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