There are countless tips available on how to make an effective pitch but author Scott Berkun sheds a new perspective on the process. In his book The Myths of Innovation, he urges people to first focus on the potential recipients of the pitch — people he calls catchers. “There’s little sense in developing your pitch if there’s no one to catch it,” he writes.

By tailoring your pitch to the person who will receive it, you are able to make it more likely that the message will be “caught by the catcher”. What do they value? What needs of theirs can you fulfill? How does your pitch relate to something they are working on? Do they respond more to data or stories?

Whether you are attempting to greenlight a million-dollar project or just trying to convince your partner to try a new restaurant for dinner, let their perspective guide how you pitch your idea. It doesn’t matter how powerfully you throw if the catcher doesn’t grab the ball.

Source: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun, 2010

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