I have been looking for a new tote for quite some time. While I was in New Mexico, I saw one that was very close to the ideal but it had a quirk that I knew would drive me crazy so I left it behind. Now, I measure all the other options against that one, and the more time that elapses, the more perfect the one that got away becomes.

But when I really think about it, I know that if I had made the purchase, I would not be happy with it and would have been annoyed the whole time I had it. Right now, I’d likely be writing about how one small flaw can ruin the perception of the whole!

When we make a decision, it’s easy to second-guess or only remember the “pro” side of the equation. Unless we’re really intentional about it, we block from our memory the negative analysis that led us to the conclusion we reached and only remember the good aspects that we forfeited. It’s a sure path to unnecessary regret.

Give your decision due diligence — whether that is regarding a relationship, purchase, project, or life transition — and then don’t look back. Trust that you truly made the right choice, not that you “almost” did.

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