We recently had a storm move through the area and the next day I received an email from my insurance carrier with the headline: “Think you may have storm damage?” It explained that their weather tracking systems showed I may have been in the path of a storm and provided resources if that was the case. The email outlined not only the steps to take if I did need to file a claim, but also what to look for if I suspected impact from the storm.

Fortunately, I did not have any damage, but I appreciated the proactive move on their part. Even though I know it was all automated, it felt personal and as if someone was looking out for me.

How can you utilize automated systems to create the same effect with your clientele? Maybe you could share resources with families in anticipation of a major event such as “I know your child is moving into their residence hall next week” or “Here’s what to expect from tomorrow’s surgery.” Perhaps you could share post-event resources like “You just bought a new car; here are some tips for maintaining it.” Or you could devise an email campaign that follows an election, pays attention to COVID rates, monitors local sports teams, or is triggered by notices such as birth or death announcements.

Take advantage of technology to craft an “if this, then that” aspect to your communication and add a personal touch to your outreach.

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