I received a text inviting me to learn more about running for public office. Doing so is the furthest thing from my mind, but hopefully, the text will be the nudge some need to take action. It’s nice that organizers are planting these seeds now, giving those who decide to run for local office enough time to do so. And it’s nice that people are extending invitations rather than just hoping people will decide on their own to enter the race.

It’s much more meaningful to receive a call or personal note (or even a text) that has the feel of an invitation rather than a blanket announcement. Those who are invited feel that they matter, that there is a personal connection, and that their lack of participation will be noticed. It becomes a strong motivator to act, many times doing things you would not have done otherwise.

Being invited is a powerful thing — and organizations should do more of it. Whether you are seeking volunteers, participants, or even new employees invest the time in doing a personal invitation. Your chances of receiving a “yes” are much higher when it is phrased as an opportunity just for them.

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