I spent the day thrift shopping with my 13-year-old niece and had flashbacks to my high school days. The clothing that excited her was very reminiscent of apparel that I wore in my teens while anything I picked out for her to try was deemed undesirable. I learned that skinny jeans are out and wide-leg pants are hip again. She was ecstatic over the leather jacket that was still hanging in my closet from the 1990s but had no interest in anything that looked like it was designed in this decade!

It reminded me of the concept of retromania where we fall in love with things from the past — often things that we did not like that much at the time. But now that they are old, they suddenly gain a fondness because of their age. Often, when I go to flea markets I see specific items that were once in my mother’s kitchen — things we threw away when selling the house — that now garner a premium as “vintage.”

Everything from vinyl records to bell-bottoms are popular again. That should be a clue for you to dig out relics from your archives and give them a new life in 2021. Reprint old t-shirts. Repurpose your original logo. Put your current message on a tie-dye shirt or a patch that can be sewn onto a denim jacket. The older you can make something seem, the more desirable it will become today.

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