I caught some of the NFL draft on television and, even though the process was COVID-modified, it still got me musing about their recruitment process. Think about all the teams know about the players before they are ever chosen — scouts have seen them performing the job responsibilities on film, have measurable statistics for their performance over multiple years, and have similar information for all of the leading aspirants for every position.

Can you imagine if other organizations hired people the way the NFL drafts players?

Instead, too often a manager or human resource professional meets with a person for an hour or so and makes a judgment based on that interaction and what the resume says. There is no hands-on assessment to see the person actually perform the work or something similar to it. Often, there are no objective criteria to outline what is important or how the candidates fare on that scale. The hiring manager may check references for the last position or two but likely does not extensively investigate everything about the applicant’s history.

While you may not be able to obtain “game film” on your next recruit, you can ask candidates to perform a relevant task and you can ascertain how they fit within your team through extended, interactive group interviews. Spending the time to hire the right player is a worthwhile investment, no matter what kind of team you’re coaching.

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