Many were thrown into the role of remote supervision without any planning or any experience in how to navigate through this new medium. As working from home continues, it could be a good time to intentionally reflect on how you can enhance communication with your employees and help everyone remain connected to the team and the organization.

Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Create routines such as a Rise and Shine meeting to start each day
  • Give each day a structure (each Tuesday we have X meeting)
  • Create a visual connection with employees – as much social as work content
  • Recreate informal conversations through the use of breakouts and small groups
  • Reward candor and engagement in virtual settings
  • Create an expectation for camera use and meeting participation
  • Call on people, assign others to share content, give opportunities for ALL to participate
  • Hold 1:1 meetings – they are more important than ever
  • Check-in more often than you think you need to – do it socially, not to micromanage
  • Have open office hours (even virtually) and use the waiting room feature – be accessible
  • Help employees set priorities and give permission to pause on some projects if necessary
  • Learn more about employees’ personal situations than you may normally and provide as much flexibility and accommodation as possible. Employee wellbeing is key!
  • Model work/life integration and a separation of office time/work time
  • Trust that the job is being done. Approach your communication from a position of trust
  • Respond, don’t react when communicating – especially when in writing

Most importantly, remember we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. Life is full of stress and ambiguity for many. Nothing about this is normal. Be sure that you model grace in your communication, whether remotely or in person.

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