I read a fact that surprised me so much I am still thinking about it days later: The International Space Station is closer to Earth than Los Angeles is to San Francisco. Whoa!

I had to look it up, but it’s true: Space Station to Earth is 254 miles; LA to San Fran is 381.

I don’t know what I thought the mileage would be but it was more than it is. “Space” seems so big and so far away – elusive, really, at least for us mere mortals. But in reality, while it is distant, it is within reach for a growing number of people.

Aspirations are often like space – we dream about something but don’t take concrete steps to turn it into reality because it feels so massive and unattainable. We spend our time plodding along between the metaphorical LA to San Fran instead of reaching for the stars.

Maybe you’re closer to what you desire than you think.


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