When will the risk from COVID end? Nobody knows. It’s one of those rare times where literally no one has a grand plan. It’s not like when the CEO and board are working on a confidential merger and line employees are speculating about “what’s up.” Or when Mom and Dad are holding back information about vacation plans or their relationship and the kids wish they knew what was going on. Truly, no one knows the answer to this question.

And that’s good news, too.

Because no one has lived through this type of situation, there are no seasoned experts. It creates opportunities for everyone within the organization, community or family to step up and play a leadership role in their group. No one knows the “right” way to do things, so it’s ok to try something new. No one has experience with the situation, making it possible to experiment or dream. No one has answers or knows ways that people “should” behave because it’s all new to everyone. Everyone – from world leaders to pre-schoolers – we’re all making this up as we go.

It’s probably the only time in our lifetime that we’re all going through something, together, for the first time. What a golden opportunity to capitalize on that blank canvas and shine.

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