If you ever feel hopeless, think about Candace Lightner. You may not know her name but you know her impact – she’s the mom who started Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 1980 as a response to her 13-year old daughter being killed by a repeat offender. Lightner mobilized other moms on a 40-year crusade that is credited with reducing deaths caused by drunk drivers by 50%.

Moms are a formidable force in our lives as well as in the statehouse. MADD’s lobbying efforts are responsible for raising the minimum drinking age, promoting the designated driver program, increasing the legal blood alcohol limit and enacting zero-tolerance laws. They have become a force to be reckoned with in part because they have put names and pictures to the statistics, making the horror of drunk driving real for those with the power to impact legislation.

Moms are always giving us good advice and here are two more pieces of it: 1) One person is all it takes to start a movement that has made a significant, national difference – it could be you, and 2) use stories and visuals to bring your message to life. Moms changed your driving habits; let them change your advocacy habits, too.


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