Maybe it is because people have more time on their hands and are able to craft new memes. Perhaps it is because you have to laugh in order to keep from crying. Or maybe people are just trying to see the silver lining in a very trying experience. Whatever the reason, COVID humor is alive and well.

There have been countless posts on social media – some of which have made me laugh out loud – and I’ve sent and received dozens of memes to friends and family trying to lighten the mood. People are expressing their humor in other ways, including someone who peppered a Walmart with funny Post-its with saying such as “Get the big bottle, you’re gonna need it” stuck by the bottles of liquor or “If you can smell the fart, you’re not far enough apart” by the GasX.

Whether commenting on COVID directly, the quarantine, homeschooling, toilet paper, the unknowns about graduation and prom, or the governmental response to it all, people are finding moments of levity within the gravity of the situation.

Humor has been shown to improve health and relieve stress, and heaven knows we could all use a bit more of that these days. So, as you shelter-in-place there’s no need to remain 100% somber about it. Let a few laughs release some of your emotions and help you get through the pandemic with at least an occasional smile.

Thanks, Mike!


Walmart pictures posted on Facebook by Val Roa

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