How many times have you put off home projects because you did not have time at home? Well, now you do. And there has been a multitude of Facebook postings full of ideas for how you can spend it: reading, family game nights, cleaning out closets, exercise, etc. I’d like to add a suggestion to the list.

Do a home inventory.

You can even assign the project to the kids – having them video all the contents of your home, crawling around appliances and technology to record serial numbers, and documenting all of your valuables. You can join in on the project and narrate the stories behind sentimental or heirloom items, giving meaning to the possessions in your home.

The results can serve as an invaluable record of your assets should you ever need it for insurance claims, but more than that, the video captures a moment in time of your life. Wouldn’t you love to watch a movie of your parents showing your childhood home? Think of the laughs you could get from viewing your first apartment – seeing what has made the journey with you and what has changed. And how helpful would it be for remaining loved ones to know what had value and what did not?

This week, many have come to appreciate what they had taken for granted. There’s no time like the present to appreciate — and document — what you have.

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