If I asked most readers if they were an artist, my guess is that the vast majority would say no. But why does “art” carry with it such a stigma that it has to be lofty or created by a professional in order to qualify as art?

When I was at the shoreline, I encountered several pieces of art that were made by those passing through. These sculptures were made out of natural materials discarded by the tides and will soon be returned to the Lake, but in the interim, they brought joy and appreciation to those who saw them.

I doubt that any of the pieces were created by professional artists but they were “art” nonetheless. Art comes from rocks, sticks, words, fabric, clay, paint, pencils, ink, paper, metal, music, wood, trash, wires, beads, string, lyrics, film, crayons – and it comes from you. What art will you contribute to the world today?

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