When I first read Carey Nieuwhof’s trends (see dot 2769), the first thing that came to my mind was “delivery.” Have you noticed that everyone either delivers to your door or has modified extensive areas of the store and parking lot to allow for easy pick-up? Even gas stations are offering food delivery!

Our online grocery shopping service ran an ad promoting “Less time shopping. More time snacking.” I wonder what people are doing with all the time they “save” by having delivery to their home or car. I doubt it is eating popcorn, but how are they using it: Binge watching? Social media? Working? Gaming? Running the kiddos to all their organized activities?

Empirically, we all have the same amount of time we have always had, but the way we spend it has changed greatly. Smart homes, delivery services, in-car pickup services, and automatic reordering are all designed to free up a few minutes from our routine, but other activities eat up large chunks, often mindlessly.

Before you pay a premium to have someone else DIFY (“do it for you” as Nieuwhof termed it), take an assessment of how you are spending your time overall. Use those gained moments intentionally, making your world just a little bit better with the “extra” time you have instead of frivoling it away.


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