There is a proliferation of inflatable Christmas decorations this year – the ones that run on motors and blow up to be greater-than-life-size by night to fill yards with colorful characters. The problem is that by day, these same decorations are lifeless parachutes that are just blobs of nylon laying on the lawn. Not only don’t they add to the ambiance, they actually detract from it.

Too often organizations parallel these decorations – focusing only on the moments of a program without consideration to the before or after. Organizations make decisions to add a service that sounds good in the present but don’t pay heed to what needs to happen in the intervening moments to allow the offering to remain viable. People expend their energy on the few moments of inflation when in reality there is set-up, storage and the detraction of deflation to contend with.

Before you invest your resources in the equivalent of a giant inflatable – something that is showy, but really just air – reconsider whether something smaller and more consistent would be better for your organization. If you can only sustain momentum for a few hours, another option is probably the better choice.


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