In last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, a mom was in jail because the police discovered she left her 8-year old sleeping at home alone. I’m sure the child was just fine…

…until something like a fire happened and he wasn’t.

Scenarios occur like this all of the time. You’re fine driving in winter without a coat – until your car breaks down and you must face the elements. You experience no visible consequences from eating that extra donut – until your cholesterol clogs an artery. You put off backing up your computer because it is working well – until it crashes. You don’t get in an accident texting while driving – until someone stops suddenly in front of you.

We base our behaviors on what happens in circumstances that are “fine” and too often fail to take precautions for when they aren’t. Before you coast along with optimistic bliss, pause to consider what if it wasn’t going according to plan – would you take the same actions now?

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