When I was growing up no one talked about sleep but now the subject seems to be everywhere. People are heralding the many benefits of good slumber to increase health, civility, focus, decision-making and happiness. Arianna Huffington’s new book even goes as far as calling it “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time.”

Popular apps such as the iPhone’s Bedtime feature help you set alarms to keep your sleep routine consistent – yet for most of the country, we intentionally disrupt it twice each year. No matter if you gain a mythical hour or lose it, altering your sleep patterns isn’t good.

As society gains knowledge, we need to act on it. When Daylight Saving Time began in 1966 the world was a different place. We worried more about farmers working in the dark fields than we did about sleep patterns. Now modern agricultural equipment has lights and auto-pilot and our attention should shift to keeping adults, children and pets in their normal evening rhythms.

Change the clocks today – but work with your legislators to change the need to change them in the future.

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