Today is back-to-work time for many after a three-day weekend. I know for myself that I wish I had a do-over for the time. I did a little bit of work and a lot of procrastinating about doing more work. The end result is that I don’t feel like I was really productive, nor do I feel like I took a true break and had serious relaxation. I just frivoled away the weekend doing little bits of projects and little bits of avoidance-of-projects. It doesn’t make for great motivation or rejuvenation.

I am reminded of the children’s book Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst. Beloved Alexander frivols away his money until at the end of the story he has a pile of purchases with nothing really to show for it. For example, he rents a snake for an hour, buys a half-melted candle at a garage sale, and loses some coins in a magic trick — leaving him without his dollar or anything of substance.

I’m not usually like Alexander, but I was this weekend. What about you? Think of under what circumstances you exhibit Alexander-like tendencies where little bits of time (or money) pass without intention or results. Instead, try to go all-in with rest or work – and then go all-out. Trying to straddle the middle produces more guilt than benefits.

Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst, 1978 (a classic!)

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